Tuesday, 9 February 2010

If you go down to the woods today!!!

You'll be in for a big surprise - no just 9 crafty women in disguise!!!

Well I know I had a great weekend even if I had to leave early due to a mirgraine. Big thank you to Fleur for driving me home and sorry you had to leave early... Well my weekend was full of things that just went wrong. First of all Fleur and I got lost and ended up 14 miles away from our destination ( well Mablethorpe was nice for the brief stop - bit should have been near Louth!!!). Then I had been texting Lou's hubby Nick  and not my hubby Nick ( thankfully I hadn't been texting anything I shouldn't have!!). Then to top it all my battery on my camera died after 3 photos and spare was dead too - and finally feeling unwell so had to leave early.
But I promise I really did enjoy myself and the company was fab. Hope to do it again soon. Hugs Nicky.


Fleur said...

Fantastic pics Nicola, shame about you not being able to take more. It was a great weekend wasn't it! You really don't have to worry about leaving early & as for driving you home, isn't that what friends are for - to be there when needed! Just pleased you are feeling better & I'm sure there will plenty more get togethers with all the girls - what great friends we have. See you soon
Hugs Fleur xXx

Debbie said...

It was such a shame for you Nicola. You really had bad luck. I'm glad you managed to enjoy at least some of it, and glad you're feeling better now. Bless you.

Hugs Debbie xx

chris said...

Hi there Nicola,
so pleased youre feeling better.
Why did I not think about giving you my battrey, you would have taken better photos than me.
That woman in the green looks a bit strange,
did you come across many like her in the woods I wonder!!
see you soon love chris x

Crafty Lou said...

Hi! So happy you are feeling better, we had a lovely time and enjoyed all of your company and Nick(my)said feel free you can text him anytime!!Love your photos,see you soon.Lou.xx

brenda said...

Hi Nicola

I had heard it was a pretty good weekend, althouhg not too much crafting - now there's a surprise. Not sure about these text message though.

Shame about the migraine, I've had them since a child and always say you need to experience them to understand them.

B x

Sir Stampalot said...

Fab photos Nicola, really eerie looking. Glad you had fun even if it wasn't all doing well for you. Hope you are feeling heaps better. Sounds like you could write a mini book on your adventures and mishaps for that weekend!! Still to see much proof that any crafting actually happened that weekend!! take care - janicex

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